Dove's-foot crane's-bill

Dove's-foot crane's-bill
Dove's-foot Crane's-bill, aka Dove's Foot Geranium

Thursday, April 22, 2021

To Maggie When Grandpa is Gone

Make it April when you and your mumma 
come back to explore her childhood home 
searching for solace when Grandpa is gone. 

Enjoy the glory of Georgia in spring 
as you poke around the garden paths 
but don’t look for me in the roses 

or the showy whites of viburnum. 
I’m not in a swath of azaleas 
or a perfect row of tulips. 

But rise before the sun first lights 
the clouds behind the crest of trees 
that shadow our stretch of Oconee. 

Bundle yourself and set a brisk pace 
through the chilly end of an April night 
immersed in the chorus of morning. 

The gates of my heaven are guarded 
by a sentinel brown thrasher 
belting a medley of bird-psalms 

from the tip of a tender-leafed tree. 
We’ll meet in the way the new world glows 
with clean glimmers of predawn light. 

My spirit will sing its peace to you 
in the whistling trill of a waterthrush song 
and the sweet of a chickadee call. 

We’ll share the wonder of street-side weeds 
where scattered arcs of Dove’s-foot flowers 
are lavender starbursts tangled in green. 

You’ll bound like the yearling trailing a doe,  
you and your mumma, but girl when you go 
I’ll be the still spring in your soul. 

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Fractal Shadows

Take the jagged spine of the Karakoram 

as seen from the heights of Haramukh, 

then examine the folds on the face of K2, 

creased with valleys of shadow and snow.

See the ravines with ribbons of ice 

heaped with scree and hills of rubble –

their ripples and rills reprise the peaks

in the span of the Karakoram.

Trace the chiseled edges of Ireland 

around an image taken from space, 

then zoom to the shores of Kerry and Cork 

where promontories part the sea. 

Swoop over cliffs at Mizen Head Bridge 

and follow the surf line east 

past fissured inlets and hideaway coves 

that reprise the whole coastline of √Čire.

Probe your life with a one-word prayer, 

confess your worst day in a diary, 

compose an account of your favorite year, 

then draft your own obituary. 

Savor the play of creation – 

how days reprise decades, 

how moments harbor whole lives, 

how we inhabit the fractal shadows. 

Aerial View of the Baltoro Glacier, by Guilhem Vellut, Paris