Journey to Embarkation

Journey to Embarkation
My first book of poetry. Cover image by David Noah, Winterville, Georgia.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reading on my Back Deck One Balmy Winter Day

I was interrupted by a sunset
of the understated kind –
ragged layers of gray overlain
by islands of off-white sky.

I don’t remember when,
but the wind had died. Not
a breath disturbed the bare tips
and twisted limbs of winter trees

while underneath, the whole
world shone. Nothing you
could capture by camera,
nothing to inspire a song.

A gentle river washed
the world with white noise,
a still spell soon cracked
by the call of a Carolina wren.

Listen, we live only moments,
and notice so few. Will you
close the book? Would you
shut down the screen? Look,

night sweeps from the east
beyond the speed of sound.
Gray deepens a shade. Dull
lace of red maple darkens.

The cream sky turns coral.
Shadows merge. Somehow
creation holds together. Even
in darkness the world glows.

Photo by Don Hunter

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Winter Blessing

Athens, Georgia
January 17, 2018

May you grow in the soul of each new season 
as flowers unfold 
from hepatica to bloodroot, 
bittercress to buttercup, 
clover to goldenrod, thistle, and aster. 

May you find solace in the cycles of earth, 
as hard ground yields 
to moist soil and green shoots,
buds to blossoms and tender leaves, 
fruit and seeds to stubble and husk. 

May you dwell in the spirit of each new day
as moments dance 
from crystal dawn and cold light 
to gray noon and slate skies, 
from dreams to prayer and play of thought. 

In seasons, in cycles, each breath and beat, 
may your spirit sense the grace beneath.

"Hepatica" photograph by Don Hunter