Journey to Embarkation

Journey to Embarkation
My first book of poetry. Cover image by David Noah, Winterville, Georgia.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Dream of High Spring

Athens, Georgia
April 14, 2018

When nights drift through open windows
and you wake to mornings enveloped in green,
the world is a nursery with you again

the grass-stained boy hopping rocks
by a slow creek that winds through
the idylls of childhood. Or the lithe girl

in scruffy jeans clutching rough limbs
halfway up the side yard plum
which thrives on the edge of an unruly lawn.

The aroma of onion grass spikes the air
as you weave a bouquet of dandelions
and skip to a medley of mockingbird tunes.

You wander once more through living woods
where tangles of jessamine hang in the trees
and armies of iris encircle the ponds.

And you rest again on a carpet of clover
woven with vinca and purple vetch
in the spell of a flowering dogwood.

You are the boy now covered in mud,
the girl with a jessamine necklace.
You slip through the windows of spring.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On the First Wave of Spring

Athens, Georgia
March 28, 2018

You may sense a strange lightness
inside your bones. Unseen, life
is rising. Unheard, earth hums.

And so it comes,
the imperceptible turn
when winter tips to early spring.

First it stirs.
It seeps through roots.
It creeps on marbled salamander feet.

It emerges from burrows,
arises from mud,
ascends into shifting winds.

It slithers onto shallow rocks,
peers from gaps in mossy logs,
rustles under leaf litter.

It chitters from trees,
trills from swamps,
and peeps from vernal pools.

It shivers, and saucer magnolias bloom,
pears and cherries wear blossoms of snow,
and redbuds slip into lavender lace.

It smiles, and forsythia shine,
each bush a burst of golden stars
in a firmament of baby green leaves.

It laughs, and daffodils dance again.
They sway to the slipstreams of speeding cars
and swirl in the cleft of exit ramps.

And in the rhythms of wind and light

across the parks and small-town squares –
the breath of Earth, the dance of life.

American toads in wetland, February 16, 2018: