Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ladies of the Lake

Isle La Motte, Vermont
July 29, 2012; modified February 3, 2015

At Maya House
on Isle La Motte
two brides embrace

as loved ones watch
well-chosen words when
spoken under open sky

rise up in light
to join the song
of hermit thrush

in blissful flush
of summertime.
Soon siblings, strangers

sit as one, share
pasta, toasts and provolone
as Texas, Georgia, Quebecois

mingle with Missouri
tribes, their vegan plates
set side by side

with sausage balls
and biting flies, a wedding
feast for all alike.

Later in the failing light
beyond a summer sunset
far away from most places

rising over cold waters
a stone’s throw
from rocky shores –

The ladies of the lake are one.