Friday, September 27, 2013

Light Bodies

"Washed in Light," photograph by David Noah
Athens, Georgia
September 27, 2013

Forged from Light
and Will to Be
condensing bits
of information

Spare abstractions
bare equations birthed
in time to earthen bodies
word and dust

Made humankind
where thoughts careen
through three pound prisons
fired by feelings

Primal scream
to tribal voodoo,
nursery rhyme
to alleluia.

A thousand tongues sing broken
rhyme, ten thousand voices vie
for time in neural networks
born to die, yet something watches

Deep inside 
freedom is a mirrored maze
with no path back
and branches split forever forward

Built atop the tangled byways
burrowed deep within the psyche
trapped by musty cells inside
the catacombs of joy and tears.

But out beyond all self reflection
past the chain of explanation
unconstrained by mere causation
life abundant whispers, dear

You are your light body
the woken one
serene as Siddhartha
sharing his smile

The soul of Yeshua
encircled by sinners
with stones in hand
and softening hearts.

Yours is the earth of Adam
the wind of Lao Tzu
the fire of Elijah, yours
the still waters.

Let go the deathly grip on grace
and loose the light body –
your own true face awaits
the joining.

Monday, September 2, 2013

To My Daughter, Turning

Athens, Georgia
September 2, 2013

There was a time before
– so asserts the desert
mind – before your tiny face
carved love on our hearts,

Bound to a new blessing
of joy and terror, tied
to a miracle, millennia in
making, robust and fragile

Both, the improbable becoming
inevitable as time reveals
fresh wonders, which always
lay latent in life, in stardust,

In what came before. There is
no time before we loved you
and there can never be
a world where we do not.