To Bring You Beauty
Telemachus Tends His Driveway
Advent Reflection on Light
Heron in the Wood
Awaiting Passage into Fall

To Heal the World - Mat Meditation 1
To Heal the World - Mat Meditation 2
Between Birdsong and Boulder
Autonomy, a Prayer
Afternoon Joe
The Second Soul of November
Jessica's Blessing
Cosmology, Beyond the Elegant Equations
Compassion Lies Outside the Land
A Way Out of Wilderness
It Takes a Great Naïveté
An Overture to Adam in Strings and Sax
A Friday Morning Devotional in Iglesia Evangelica Metodista
A Springtime Promise
The Dueling Harmonics of Unending Fall
The Diminutive of Grace
The Night Music of San Rafael de Guatuso
In Praise of Imperfection
To the Poet, Too Soon
To Mothers Watching Offspring Part
To My Daughter, Turning
Light Bodies
Lessons for the Fallen
The Comfort of Fading
The Short Side
Cold Rain Comes
A Way In the Wilderness
A Prayer of June in Green and Brown
Cloud Play in White on Blue
Watching After August Rains
Weeds Have Names
The View from Grandma's Kitchen
The Ache at the Edge of Autumn
The Harmonics of Fall
Waiting for Dawn and the Sunday Times
Heading South on a January Adventure
Fractal Shadows
The Girl's Guava Tree
A Springtime Apparition
A Prayer for Angie
Last November Sunset
A Winter Blessing
Reading on My Back Deck One Balmy Winter DayOn the First Wave of Spring
A Dream of High Spring
A Close Encounter with an Old Field

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