Starving Polar Bear

Starving Polar Bear
Where phantom bears hunt vanished ice. Image by Andreas Weith - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Friday, June 29, 2018

When in Late May

Athens, Georgia
late May, 2018

As surely as earth tilts toward the sun 
the long spring slumps into summer.

Today the pastel sunrise 
tints the cirrus with hints of pink.

Soon the sky will glow again
with the radiance of late May.

Now the catalpa is covered in white. 
Now the southern magnolia blooms.  

The scented air softens skin
and works its way into bones.

Wooden door frames begin to swell 
and windows stick in their tracks.

The canopy crawls with aphids 
trailing their sweet organic sheen.

As a hickory drips the sticky dew 
onto the frame of my Ford, 

I sense that spring has run its course.
Time to retreat to the edges of night –

The summer lull has just begun;
a hundred days of heat ahead.

Southern Catalpa