Welcome to Readers

I have lived most of my life in the applied sciences and engineering, wrestling hard knowledge from the measurable world. The tools of modern science – systematic observation and logical interpretation – are powerful indeed. But I have always believed there is much that cannot be captured in that coarse net. I believe that beneath the brittle forms and tight tangles of objective knowledge, abundance bides.

So while I take joy in the wonderful insights gained by the sciences, I spend time now pursuing a softer knowledge, puzzling over subjective patterns, watching forms in drifts of fog. In those fragile moments when boundaries thin and time stretches slowly to indistinct horizons, we can shed the heavy frames grounding us solidly to our highly scripted lives. We can enter a lighter realm, passive witness to wonder. Pilgrims at peace with the night.

The reflections and meditations here are meant as a dialogue between the mysterious beauty of those subjective moments and the classical beauty of objective knowledge, as I am given to experience, to understand, and to express. Whatever background you bring, I hope that among the poems here you might find a phrase, an image, or thought to carry with you on your way. These poems represent my evolving prayer in a world of abounding beauty and dark mystery. I would bring a small portion. Namaste. Go with God.