Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Psalm of Gaia

Athens, Georgia
November 1, 2018

She leads me beside a vernal pool 
where swamp frogs trill the early spring. 
Her breath refreshes musty air 
and I sense the chill on mud-slick skin.

She turns me loose in a garden world 
and weaves a mid-summer feast.
Her leaf-green shadows cool the days 
and a chorus of katydids comforts the nights.

She lays me down in an autumn meadow 
bobbing with skippers and bees. 
Her gentle sunlight dries the dew
and I feel the warmth on petals and wings. 

She takes my hand on winter nights 
and guides me down a darkened path. 
A thousand stars pierce the sky 
and I sense the harsh beauty beyond.

Though the night wind stings my lungs 
and ice invades my bones, 
through pain I know that life abides, 
to kindness life ascends.