Friday, February 21, 2014

Cold Rain Comes

Athens, Georgia
February 20, 2014

When low skies gather 
gray on gray  
enfolding days in dim light 
then ‘spring’ is a sterile doctrine 
and ‘summer’ is just a theory 
of celestial alignment 
shrouded in the winter mind 
(and cold rain comes before the spring).

Once there was a season filled 
with languid days 
that seemed to stretch forever.
But fresh mornings fade 
and all endeavors end at last.
Summer grace encounters fall 
then founders on the winter mind 
(where cold rain comes instead of spring).

With God and wisdom 
filed and stored 
our angel nature now ignored, 
then what can lead a frozen soul 
from tight-argued passion 
to kind-hearted action
breaking through the winter mind? 
(A cold rain comes to usher spring).

So when the low gray 
gathers hold 
enfolding lives in dim light; 
when what was vital cracks and dries 
and old achievements ossify,  
from broken days embrace the night, 
engage the frigid winter mind – 
(after cold rain comes the spring).

"Ice on Leaves"
by David Noah,
Winterville, Georgia